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In 2023, we had two long-awaited litters.
and we have high hopes for these kids!!!

The first litter was born on July 11th.
Daddy Lucksheray Shake The World
Mom: Double Dream Loveset Marilyn
Linear mating, inbreeding 2:3:4 on a multi Champion
Lucksheray from Rolex.
There is a girl available for reservation who shows great promise.
Double Dream Loveset Asti Martini
Photos and pedigree on her page (nickname is clickable)
Contact phone 8-914-703-2807

The second litter was born on July 19th.
Daddy: Clos Erasmus Devil's Lucksheray
Mom: Sil'ver Fog Mozzarella

The mother of the litter, Mozzarella, is a very strong producer,
gave birth to bright and famous descendants from different litters, which consistently
win BEST IN SHOW in different cities and countries.
In 2023, her daughter - Double Dream Loveset Bagira became the TOP SETTER in Russia!
In 2022, her son Double Dream Loveset Egbert became res. Winner
ranking of the Best Dogs of Group 7 FCI in Russia!

There is currently a boy available for reservation with great show potential!
Double Dream Loveset Christian Dior
Photos and pedigree on his page (nickname is clickable)

Contact phone 8-914-703-2807


Our previous litters:

English Setter
Gordon Setter 
         Irish Red Setter 

Please, contact us, if you are interested in a puppy English Setter, Irish Red Setter or Gordon Setter. 


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