Setters on Far East

Show results 2015
Champion titles received in 2016:
Junior Champion of National Club:
Double Dream Loveset Quick Step
Junior Champion of Russia:
1. Double Dream Loveset Queen Style

I heartily congratulate the owners of our champions!
Keep it up!


Our site is about English, Irish and Gordon Setters on the Far East - 
here you will find pages of our dogs with photos and pedigrees.


We have puppies!


Again great news from Finland!

Top Gordon in Finland - 2015 - Double Dream Loveset Morning Queen !!!

Thank you Tiia Mikkonen and Anne Hentunen !!!!


The Show results of our dogs for the year 2015:

1 Baltic Winner
Asia Junior Winner
Russian Grand Champion
14 Russian Champion
1 Poland Champion
13 National Club Champion
11 RKF Champion
5 Russian junior Champion
1 Slovakia junior Champion
1 Israel junior Champion
1 Ukraine junior Champion
1 Uzbekistan junior Champion
1 Kazakhstan junior Champion
3 National Club junior Champion

3 x Double Dream Loveset - Best kennel in Show !!!
Many times our dogs have been BIS puppy, BIS junior, BIG and Best in Show !!!

Field trials results of our dogs for the year 2015:

3 Field Winner! !
2 res. Field Winner! !
14 14 dogs received field diplomas !

Keep it up! We are proud of you!

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We have puppies !

21.07.2015 - Setter Show in Vladivostok:

Details and photos of English Setter look here.

Details and photos of Gordon Setter look here.

Details and photos of Irish Red Setter look here.

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